I'm a seasoned software engineer and architect who believes wholeheartedly in the power of software to change work, to change business, and to change lives, all for the better. I believe in the power of careful engineering and architecture aligned with business, to build software that makes a difference. And I believe in the power of building people up and growing empowered teams to drive all of these things. Many people have thanked me throughout my career, for my example, my perspective, my mentorship, and my leadership. Now I want to focus the next phase of my career on maximizing my impact in this direction. Cultivating teams and investing in the people that compose them pays dividends that will far outlast the JavaScript UI framework your team chose, or the support lifecycle of your next major release.

I have worked with many kinds of people on many kinds of teams, and the one thing they universally had in common was potential to be even better. Here are some examples of roles in which I might be able to help your people and your teams realize their potential.

  • Team Lead
  • Engineering Manager
  • Managing Architect
  • Development Manager

Don't have something like this available? Maybe you will in six months or a year. I've got the technical chops you need on display here and here, if you want to get me started in something more technical like the roles below.

  • Principal Developer
  • Senior Architect
  • Lead Developer

If you like what you see here and elsewhere on this website, you can contact me about opportunities at cammerman@gmail.com. I'm based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Local and remote opportunities are welcome. Relocation is a tough sell, but not off the table.