Who am I?

I build software, using a set of intrinsic, evergreen tools.

Knowledge - I learn fast. I analyze. I take care around unknowns. I care about "why", not just "what", because it leads to more robust and long-lived solutions.

Humility - As a developer, I highlight my own ignorance, I lean on and learn from my team, and I offer aid to them whenever I can. As a leader, my job is to serve the team, shield them from noise, and bust down obstacles.

Perspective - Conceptual simplicity makes for stronger software. Expressive tools make for better solutions. The collected wisdom of the world's programmers is a boon that can save much blood, sweat, and tears. The customer's success is our success.

What can I do for you?

Learn - Your problems are unique, but never completely so. My experience and my skills will help me learn which parts of your problems are already solved, and which parts are special and new.

Build - I build software and tools, solutions and products, teams and individuals. I strive to build all of these things better with every iteration.

Impact - I strive to find the problem beneath the symptoms. The problem the customer didn't know they had. The friction my team didn't know was holding them back. I shine light on those problems so that we can solve them and make your customers and employees happier. I help my teams to do great things. I help programmers build themselves up stronger, smarter, and more valuable.

Hire Me

If you like what you see here and elsewhere on this website, you can contact me about opportunities at cammerman@gmail.com. Make sure you see my objective and my resume. I'm based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Local and remote opportunities are welcome. Relocation is a tough sell, but not off the table.