One More Step

One of the benefits of allowing yourself to take one step is that sometimes one step is all that's needed to generate a bit of momentum. The engines of your subconscious spin up and start working on the problems connected to the little one you decided to deal with tonight. It churns itself out while you sleep or as you drive to work in the morning. And by the time you sit down to take the next step, your brain jumps to the ready, unfolding a map in clear ink before you.

Some of these next steps are also little, but occasionally they are big. You'll be surprised to find how much progress you can make on the reserved momentum of yesterday's push.  Your brain almost always wants to think more about a thing than your conscious mind intends. By giving your brain permission to take one step, you give it wiggle room to eke out a bit more and shelve it for next time.

The best thing about taking one step is that they add up. But a close second is the occasional unexpected second crank you get out of your mental engines is often far bigger than the intentional one you sat down to make. The trick is they don't happen every time. But every step is a new chance. So make sure you're taking those little steps.