A New Objective

There is a new permanent page here on my website for my current career objective. This started out as a long blurb that used to be crammed into my resume page along with what is now my value proposition, but it deserves its own place. All the parts are much cleaner for it, and it allows the objective to breathe as much as it needs to. The other bits are mostly the same, but the objective has also changed, and I intend to keep it current as time goes on.

I was inspired by a number of things to make this change to a clear, strong, forward-looking statement of intent and aspiration. Recent events, the wisdom my friend @veryfancy links to on Twitter and blogs about, the evolution of my wife's career, a long following of @rands (In Repose), and a few very good books I've read lately. Change can come at any time, and when it does I want to be ready to capitalize on it and ride the wave forward rather than be swept up in the current and dropped off wherever it peters out.

In the long term, technical and business strategy is the problem space I want to get to. And I know that to have the kind of impact I want to have at that level, I need facility in the problem space of people, and teams, and projects. So I want to make sure my next step adds a component in that dimension to my career vector... Hrm. As you can see, I'll always be an engineer at heart. Only, I have realized that I also want to be more than an engineer.